TOON: The Cartoon Roleplaying Game

Toon – The Cartoon Roleplaying Game

Designed by Greg Costikyan and developed by Warren Spector, Toon is the cartoon game in which everybody Falls Down, and no one ever dies. In addition to the basic Toon book, supplements available are the Toon Ace Catalog, Toon Tales, the Tooniversal Tour Guide, and Toon Munchkin (a digital exclusive!). And speaking of digital supplements, Toon and the Tooniversal Tour Guide are both available as downloadable PDFs!

Toon has been translated into French, Spanish (in Argentina), Italian and Portuguese. (There was going to be a German edition, but the company Fell Down. Maybe later . . .)

The Toon Lineup

Toon – Deluxe Edition
Tooniversal Tour Guide
Toon AceCatalog
Toon Munchkin


  • Psycho Toon (Theslin Wanders-through-Bramble). The after-the-holocaust Post-Pie world, where everyone is a mutant with weird psychic powers!
  • New Shticks for Toon (Theslin Wanders-through-Bramble). A silly collection of new special abilities.
  • The Toon Armory (Alec Deason). Includes everything from the Mouse Magnet to Hair Ball Powder (don’t ask . . .)
  • Soaptoon (Theslin Wanders-through-Bramble). The world of soap operas, Toon style!


  • Toon‘s Errata.

Other Toon Resources

  • Unofficial Toon Pages – other Toon sites on the Net
  • What They’re Saying About Toon
  • Looking for people to play with? Looking for good retailers? Use the Gamer Finder!
  • Discuss Toon in the Steve Jackson Games Forums.


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