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Sex Rush is a free addiction “sex game”, very attractive, and a fun game too.
> Using one-tap gameplay, control the red and the blue circles at the same time. Collect all the symbol and avoid the squares on the road.
> Challenge your friends to see who can get the farthest.
> Compare your score with players on over the world.
The gameplay is very simple, you have to control circles to catch the symbol and avoid the square block. Based on that scenario, but seem to be very hard at high speed. In
a rush, you have to use 2 fingers to control 2 circles to turn left, turn right, catch symbols, avoid square box, and when speed up, it’s so difficult to control. Could
your brain drive two fingers exactly at the same time? Could you have enough calm to concentrate on the road ? Harder but more attractive, this challenge will help you
much more than you can imagine ! I also have many work to do, but I can not concentrate on, so I play this game in 10 minutes and back to work. Surprised, I could work
more affective !
Don’t be angry with difficulty, if you got 40 points, you’re very excellent, master of driver – champion of Sex Rush – sex game.
Very easy gameplay but extremely fun and hard to be master !
– Beautiful simple graphics
– Free addiction game
– Easy but challenging gameplay
– Online Leaderboards
How to play:
1. Tap to screen to control 2 circles to turn left, turn right at the same time.
2. Avoid the squares and don’t miss any symbols.
Try to get highest score as you can.

If you got any problems with this “sex game” please leave your comment or send us an e-mail, we will do our best.

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