Dan Levy Talks ‘Schitt’s Creek’ And His Love Of ‘Cats’ – Deadline

Schitt’s Creek may have finished its run, but the spirit of the comedy will live on and continue to make us laugh — and that is all thanks to Dan Levy who not only co-created the show with his father Eugene Levy, but also stars in it alongside him. He joined us on Deadline’s New Hollywood Podcast to talk about his journey to creating the show — and it was a fun one.

Before he was making us laugh on Schitt’s Creek, Levy did a lot: he was a host at MTV Canada’s Laguna Beach and The Hills aftershow and appeared in the iconic Degrassi franchise. Even before all of this, he was putting on his own production of Cats in his basement for his family — which is a story worth listening to.

With Schitt’s Creek, Levy created a comedy that puts a different, heartfelt lens on a rich family out if its element that subtly broke ground in more ways than one — specifically LGBTQ storylines. As Levy points out, the show touches on sexuality like he has never seen it before.

In addition to Schitt’s Creek, Levy talked about growing up in an entertainment family, testing his quarantine cooking skills and revisiting his skills as a pianist.

Listen to the episode below.


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