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don’t be a such a flirt

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When you want to flirt with someone, but aren’t really sure if they’ll be in to it

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When I try to be cute and flirt

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Attempting to flirt/be sexy.

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Me when I try to flirt or be sexy.

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This woman knows how to flirt without being too subtle. Lessons could be learned from this.

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Go to a bar, flirt with women they said… it’ll be easy they said. I think this is what I end up looking like.

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Trying to flirt in 2019 be like…

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me trying to flirt be like:

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If the genders were flipped, I’d be Patrick. I don’t flirt very well.

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Trying to flirt be like

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MRW we be up in the club & some janky hoe tries to flirt with bae!

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When I try to flirt and be sexy in public

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how to be a flirt?

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Calm your tits, if I wanted to be flashed I’d flirt with my husband!

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I was born and bred to be a great flirt.

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This is me trying to flirt with a girl… Don’t be like me

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