Is my mother-in-law flirting with me?

Just for the record, I’m a guy in my late 20s.

She’s single and in her late 40s.

I mean, it doesn’t matter. If she did..well, I love her daughter and as identical and gorgeous as they both are, her daughter is my world.

But I just wonder..and here’s why.

It’s the little things, you see.

Like, when we’re alone and are discussing for some reason – looks in a person. And she’ll tell me I’m rather good looking. But she stumbled on her words getting to the point of saying I’m good looking – but not necessarily to her.

Or it was the time when we were all going out to dinner and she said I looked “hot” before quickly adding rather shyly “not that I should be saying that”

The other day, I was just hanging out beside her and chatting and she said my remark was cute.

Then there’s finding an opportunity to throw in a funny – admittedly harmless – sex joke about her daughter and I nearly every day –

I.E If I’m putting together some technical device for her and remark “It won’t fit” – she’ll turn that into a funny.

Others get more dirtier – we were talking about nuts or something and she made a jab like “Look, he’s playing with his nuts”

It’s a little goofy but it’s endearing, you know?

Just yesterday, I was staying over and for some reason, we got on the topic of feeling comfortable around her house and I said I prefer being nude in my own place, to which she added that I should walk around the house nude to feel more comfortable while I’m staying over and we began being playful. I said “Don’t challenge me, I would” and she pushed for it, probably knowing I wouldn’t, as I’m quite shy.

I counteracted by playfully saying she could do the same, that I wouldn’t really care – which is true. I was taught to not be pent up about nudity in my family.

But she went on to say that she was running around naked at the other end of the house at one point when I was at another end of the house. That remark strikes me as being playful, but with a hint of flirtation.

I must be over reaching


I am not encouraging any behaviour. I have a sense of humour and will be silly myself in good nature – this is just how our relationship goes. We’ve grown quite close over the years.

lately this behaviour has come up in the last year and I would like to understand it further – simply BECAUSE it sounds awfully flirty and Id like opinions on if I was just being paranoid or if it was just the case of having a down to earth wicked sense of humour.

Update 2:

I admit to being playful to an extent, so that it may hopefully in turn manipulate the conversation and reveal an answer to me and I can actually know. And yes, I like entertaining the notion that I’m attractive from anyone, that’s always a nice boost.

But I never initiate these conversations. I will stop reachimg and reacting.

She’s like a second mum to me – her daughter is the love of my life.

Look, I merely came here to just get a few honest opinions on whether I was just going crazy and paranoid. I hope you don’t mistake my intent for something seedy and wrong.


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