Second Star To The Right Imagines — True Love’s Kiss is a Powerful Thing.

Request from @blackenedlips:Reader was cashier in Gold shop during curse and they became inseparable friends, despite his rep; during this, Gold confides in her, telling her about Belle and son. Thus, when curse broke and Rumple reunites with Belle, reader steps away and ignores her crush; he assumes it’s because he’s the dark one, but she didn’t actually care. When TL kiss didn’t work on Belle to get memory back, he realizes his feelings has changed – reader is his true love. He confronts her, which is where you come in?

Gold x Reader

Words: 2,643 (I am sooo sorry! I got carried away!)

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3


Gold had
gone on his lunch break and given how picky he was with how he had his sandwich
prepared at Granny’s diner it gave you the perfect amount of time to conceal
yourself inside his shop properly. In all the time you had worked here you
rarely went into the back of the shop, that was his domain, you much preferred
it in the main area where you could speak to the customers that came in. You
had made friends with many of the residents of Storybrooke but the owner of the
shop you worked in, the man you were about to scare out of his wits, was the
closest one you had made. It hadn’t been an expected friendship, not in the
slightest, as you were two very different people but somehow you’d had a
connection with the other from day one.

He didn’t
have the best reputation but it never crossed your mind. You saw him
differently….always had done.

As a
mischievous smirk started to tug up on your lips you snuck into the back room,
knowing that he wouldn’t expect for you to be in there, and hid yourself behind
a rather odd-looking statue. You made a mental note to ask yourself what it was
because right now it looked like something that would be the main focus of a
horror film or something…..god you hoped he wouldn’t be too picky because the faster you got away from this thing the
better. The way it made the hairs on your arms stand on end made you think that
said horror movie was about to start playing out and you were the main
protagonist in it.

The bell
above the shop door sounded out, snapping you out of the rather anxious mindset
you had started to head into.

“[y/n] are
you in here?”

There was a
hint of confusion in his words as he cautiously stepped through the shop and
past the counter; it wasn’t like you to just disappear during a shift, not
without mentioning something to him first. With a furrowed brow he settled the
lunch he had bought for the two of you down onto the counter top where the
register stood and wandered towards the curtain that separated the back room
off from the shop floor.

“I really
hope that this is one of yo-“

You didn’t
wait long to jump out at him, in fact he had only just wrapped his fingers
around the fabric of the curtain when you did it, but you didn’t make a sound
until his body was completely in the room. Then, and only then, did you let out
the loudest scream you could manage. Inevitably your sudden and unexpected
action caused him to jump, a hand going directly for his chest as though to try
and calm a racing heart, and when his mind finally caught up and allowed him to
see that it was you a rather bemused look was thrown in your direction.

“[y/n] that
was not funny.”

Maybe it
wasn’t to him but for you the look that had been on his face for that first
split second he had been quite genuinely terrified was the most amusing thing
you had seen all week and despite an effort on your behalf to stop the laugh
from erupting out of you that very sound soon filled the room as you wrapped
your arms around him and pulled your friend into an apologetic hug.

forgot that old men have weaker hearts….”

“Enough of
the ‘old man’ you. I have a whole load of life left inside of me yet.”

the tone of his words sounded serious the smirk appearing on his lips said
something else entirely as he returned the embrace you had pulled him into. The
scent of his cologne filled your nostrils when you nuzzled your head into his
chest and you couldn’t stop your heart from racing a little faster than it
would usually. This man was all you ever seemed to think about at the moment,
yes you had your ups and downs just as anyone else did, but at the end of the
day you always knew he would be there for you……even if he did get a little too protective sometimes. His actions
weren’t always ones you could agree on but he had your back and you had
his….and most importantly of all he also had your heart.

He just
didn’t know that yet as you hadn’t wanted to ruin the friendship you had by
voicing your feelings and risking the chance that they may not be reciprocated.
Without your friendship with him in your life this place would become rather
miserable for you.

“I could
have seen you as a threat [y/n], which means I could have hurt you, you
remember our conversations yes?”

With a
playful roll of your eyes you pulled away from him and made your way into the
shop. He really was far too serious sometimes.

“Yes I
remember them but come on…you really think anyone that dangerous would come here? This ‘saviour’ which you speak of
hasn’t shown any sign of even coming here.”

“She will
be here [y/n], it’s just a matter of time, and when she is here I need to make
sure that I am there for Belle. I won’t be able to protect you as much as I
would like to.”

You didn’t
hear any of the words he had spoken after the name Belle came into the conversation. Although the only thing you
wanted for your friend out of life was for him to be happy you couldn’t help
the bitter feeling that spread through you each and every time he spoke of her.
She was his true love which meant everything you felt for him would always be
unrequited….you would never get your chance to be with him. The childish
excitement that had once been running through you deflated as quickly as a
balloon that had just had its knot untied.

A reaction that was more than evident on your
face and caused some concern to wash over Gold’s as his brows furrowed.

“When she
is back in my life as she should be you will still be my friend [y/n]. You have
been incredibly kind towards me for a long time now. I won’t forget that – no one
else here has offered to help me look for my son, something I will be forever
grateful for.”

The smile
that appeared on your face from his words was a genuine one but it didn’t hide
the sadness you truly felt. His hand came to rest on your cheek and it sent a
warm feeling through your entire body, causing your eyes to shut as you
savoured his touch, you just wished you could feel him like this so much more

….Sadly his
love was always going to belong to someone else.

                                           * * * * * *
* * * *

The day
Rumple had been so adamant would happen did….much to your disappointment.

You felt
the shockwave of the curse being broken and your first reaction was to
instantly turn and look towards the most important person in your life….an
action of which you wished you hadn’t performed because all you were greeted
with was his back as he swiftly left the shop….leaving you stood there all
alone with the realisation that you had now lost him.

He was
going to her. He was going to the love of his life and you were going to feel
pain rip through your heart each and every time you saw them together. The look
of love in his eyes that you had wanted aimed at you would be for another woman

….No. You
couldn’t let yourself live through that. It wasn’t fair on you at all, and given
that it would affect your work it wouldn’t be fine on him or his business
either. There was only one other option; you were going to need to take a step
back. You couldn’t destroy his happiness just because you had wanted him to
love you.

So that was
what you did.

It had been
a whole fortnight since you had resigned from your job at Rumple’s shop and you
could still see the hurt look that had been etched all over his face as you
silently handed over the piece of paper…it had been burned into your mind so
that even when you walked away he would still haunt your life. You couldn’t
even understand why he was at all fazed by your actions, he had the love of his
life after all, well….you assumed he had anyway as there had been nothing to
tell you that anything negative had happened when he had gone to Belle.

As you lay
on your back on your bed, eyes gazing up at the ceiling of your apartment, yet
another notification came through on your phone. It had been like this for a
number of days now…your phone would sound out non-stop and you would continue
to ignore it. You didn’t need to look at the screen to know who it was because
he had even come knocking on your door to try and get a response out of you,
which also failed much to his annoyance.

It probably
wasn’t the best way to handle this and you should have taken his feelings into
consideration too but at the time you could feel your heart breaking and all
that mattered to you was getting away from the very person that was causing it
before he noticed what was going on. Last thing you needed was someone’s

You were
about to turn onto your side, cocoon yourself inside the blankets on your bed,
when a ‘whoosh’ sound filled the air
around you and instantly had you bolting upright just in time to see a cloud of
smoke dissipate and leave behind in its wake the very man you had been trying
so hard to avoid.

What the hell?!”

There was a
stern expression on his face as he wandered over to the end of your bed and
placed both of his hands onto the metal frame so that he could lean a little
closer to you.

“You left
me no choice [y/n]. You haven’t been answering any of my calls, texts, or even
the door when I have come here…..”

you didn’t really deduce as to why that might be considering you have decided
to invade my personal space.”

You hadn’t
meant for your words to come across so harshly but you really didn’t want to be
hearing about how happy he was now that he had Belle back in his life. It was a
sore subject for you and you were just beginning to lose that ache in your
heart….you didn’t need it back again.

treat me like a fool. I have known you long enough now to be more than aware
when you aren’t acting yourself. Why have you removed yourself from my life?”

You threw
your legs over the side of your bed before bringing your feet down onto the
floor gently. You didn’t leave your bed completely but it was enough that you didn’t
have to look him in the eyes as you spoke.

“It doesn’t
matter. Look….just go back to Belle okay…you don’t want to be wasting your time
here with me when you could be living out your happy ending with the woman you

what I have been trying to contact you for [y/n]. The kiss didn’t work.”

Those last
four words grabbed your attention immediately and you almost gave yourself
whiplash with the speed in which you turned your head around to face him.
Confusion was rife on your face. How was such a scenario even possible? True
love’s kiss was supposed to conquer any curse.

that….that’s not possible. She is your one true love. You told me so yourself.”

dearie, it would seem that things have changed quite dramatically.” He moved
around your bed until he was stood directly in front of you and he placed a
hand underneath your chin so that he could move your head to be looking at him.
His touch sent that all too familiar feeling through you, one you had become so
good at hiding, but something stopped your resolve this time and instead of
hiding your reaction an audible gasp escaped your lips. “At first when you left
I feared it was because of my past, because of who I truly am, but it was a
thought I should never have even allowed into my mind because I know you [y/n].
I have told you the darkest parts of my life and you have never so much as
flinched away from me.”

You couldn’t
tear your eyes away from him as your heart raced inside of your chest, your
palms beginning to sweat a little from the wave of emotions that was coursing
through your whole body, and before you knew it you found yourself biting down
onto your bottom lip as a whole new sensation began to consume you…..sheer
passion and lust for the man before you, his words managing to hit the right
spot every time he spoke.

“You made
me laugh when it was the last thing I wanted to do and most importantly of all
you made me realise that someone could truly care for me despite the fact that
I am not a goody two shoes hero.”

Your mind
was still trying to catch up with this whole situation because it was only
moments before now that you had been so convinced he was happy with Belle and
yet now he was stood here, so very close to you, talking to you as thought you
were the one he lo-no……he couldn’t. There was no way he felt the way you did
for him.

what are you saying?”

A smile
tugged up at his lips at your feigned naivety. He knew that you had an inkling
as to what was happening here; the whole time he had known you he hadn’t been
completely blind, he had seen how you were around him and although back then he
had thought nothing of it because of Belle the moment the kiss he bestowed upon
her didn’t work he realised instantly why.

His true
love’s kiss was supposed to be with you.

even bothering to answer your question with words he closed in on you instead
until his lips crashed down against yours in a hungry and passionate kiss. Not
even a second had passed before the wave of air hit the two of you, spreading
out across the room you were in, and your heart pounded away as you let a small
moan travel into the kiss that he had started. It was a scenario you had only
ever dreamed so to have it truly playing out here and now was intoxicating. You
could already feel yourself floating up to cloud nine as you deepened the kiss.

“Does that answer your question?”

His voice
vibrated against your lips as he pulled away from the kiss and let his eyes
look upon the reaction he had brought out in you.

“I….I think
it does.”

There was
no coherent thought in your mind right now, you were still reeling from the
kiss, and it was taking a while to truly comprehend the fact that after so long
you finally had the man you had craved for. You had your own happy ending and
he now had his too. You couldn’t have been any happier and you showed this when
you lunged towards him and captured his lips once more.

He was
finally yours…..and you were finally his.


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