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Test your Romantic Dating Personality

Are you a Dating Casanova or a Clown?

1. My idea of a romantic first date is:

a)  Dinner and a movie.
b)  Drag racing and McDonald’s.
c)  Watching C-Span.
d)  The back seat of dad’s Oldsmobile.
e)  Coffee somewhere quiet and a walk.
f)  Any hotel under $99.00 a night.

2. When I arrive at a date, I like to bring:

a)  Candy or cookies.

b)  A flower or flowers, but nothing over the top.
c)  An extra bottle of cologne.
d)  A friend.
e)  An antacid anti-gas remedy.
f)  I don’t need to bring anything, just me is enough!

3. My idea of a fun little surprise for someone I’m dating is:

a)  A pack of gum.

b)  Jumping out of a birthday cake.
c)  A handwritten note or card left somewhere I know they will find it.
d)  Tickets to my favorite sporting event.
e)  Leaving a ‘missing you’ voice mail or text message for them to find later.
f)  Abdominal gas.

4. If I’m on a date with someone I’m romantically interested in, my first physical move is usually:

a)  A kiss on my date’s cheek.

b)  Holding hands.
c)  Putting my finger in my date’s ear.
d)  A big sloppy wet kiss on the mouth! Show them you mean business!
e)  A playful shove or smack.
f)  A long meaningful stare into my date’s eyes.

5. At the end of a date, the best way to tell someone you’re interested is to say something like:

a)  I really, REALLY like you.
b)  I think I love you!
c)  This was the best date I’ve been on all day!
d)  I would love to see you again…
e)  I have to go, my next date will be here in 20 minutes.
f)  Has anyone ever told you how totally HOT you are?
g)  Would you like to come in for a few minutes?
h)  Tattoo their name on your body.

No matter your dating score, remember that the key to a successful dating life is like many other things in life – moderation. Take your date into consideration
when planning your date, but don’t go over the top and overwhelm your date, either. Follow the online dating advice provided in this site, take some more of
these dating quizzes, and you may soon find yourself to be a true dating expert!


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